St Clarins is a chocolate silver dapple Gypsy Cob stallion by The Boss, and sire of our own Sir Keith.
This special stallion has been seen in magazines, calendars and in many articles making him a flagship representative for the wonderment of the gypsy horse and the silver dapple color as well as versatility.

St Clarins is a strong, square 15.1hh.

2009 Breeding fee $2500 including $500 booking fee

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When I selected St Clarins, a chocolate silver dapple stallion, three years ago as a two year old, to become the 2nd foundation stallion for my farm, joining the beautiful Huston, I felt this fellow had something beyond special. I have a practiced and well-trained eye with horses as I have been owning, breeding and showing them for over 50 years and have had extended experience with Arabians, AQHA, Andalusian, APHA and when very young Saddlebreds. However, St Clarins caught my fancy and has impressed me beyond my expectations. I felt he needed to have a challenge to show himself off to present his noble, baroque style and to do something NO other gypsy stallion has ever done world-wide!

When I was invited by my dear friend Bo Derek to be her guest for a film location in Spain and then to go to Portugal for the largest horse extravaganza the country puts on annually, I just packed up and went! I was amazed by the athletic ability of the Lusitano horses when challenging the bull, The Art Of Marialva! These horses are spectacular and some are valued at $500,000 to $1 million dollars. The performances these horses did were captivating and I have never forgotten this fabulous experience. This style of horsemanship and horse is the ultimate partnership conceivable. Portuguese bull-fighting style is done from horseback and no animal is killed from horseback. This is a form of horsemanship and the pageantry and execution of the movements is true living art.

Very few horses can accomplish the difficult moves and as far as I was concerned certainly NOT a gypsy horse.. WELL, was I wrong!

Apparently, St Clarins is mastering all of the basics with ease and has surprised and thrilled us.

St Clarins remained in training until the 2009 breeding season commenced. Watch for this elegant horse in exhibition and we will have dvd and video available soon for your viewing pleasure.

His foal crops from 2007, 2008 & 2009
have been stunning and he certainly
does reproduce himself!

Contact Information
Cielo Celeste Farm
Santa Ynez, CA 93460
(805 688-8020 Barn
(805) 693-8410 FAX
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St Clarins' sire - The Boss